Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the camp?

The camp is for 6 days from Sunday, August 20 by 2pm to Saturday, August 26 2023 by 2pm.

Will I be able to visit or speak with my child/children during the camp?

Parents may be allowed to visit their children, but only for a limited time to enable them to focus on the activities of the camp. Parents will also be allowed to communicate via phone calls to their children through the designated Switch volunteer.

What if my child is allergic to a certain food?

Upon registration, parents and guardians will be required to fill a health form for each child. For children with allergies, we would have other food options suited to your child’s health needs

With the insecurity in the nation, will my child be safe?

Yes, your child will be safe. Security personnel will be available 24/7 to ensure the safety of every child. Also, children will not be allowed to leave the camp premises unless permitted by the camp administrator on the instruction of the parent/ guardian.

How much does it cost to attend?

It costs N40,000 per child, which covers feeding, accommodation, camp kit, security and health provisions for each child. Discounts are available for parents with more than two children.

Does the camp kit include everything my child would need?

No it doesn’t, the camp kit includes basic things each child will need e.g stationeries but once you have registered your child, a comprehensive list of all the items each child will need for the camp will be sent.

Why should my child attend?

SSC 2022 promises to be the best of all the camps we have ever had. There will be skill acquisition sessions, excursions, games, Team activities and lots of impactful Talk sessions. It would be an exciting 6 days you wouldn’t want your child to miss.

Will my child have a specific person assigned to him or her?

Yes, we have planned the camp in such a way that each child will have a specific volunteer assigned to them. Details of the assigned volunteer will be provided to the parents to enable them keep in touch and have regular updates of their child.

How should payment be made?

Payment should be made to the account with the details provided below:
Name: Switch Summer Camp
Account Number: 0093934559
Name of Bank: Access bank
After payment, evidence of payment should be sent to the email address, [email protected] or on WhatsApp to this number: 08107200593 for confirmation.

If my child is 17 years old but is a Switch Summer Camp alumnus, can they be allowed to attend the camp?

No, the age range for camp participants is from 5 – 16 years. However, for Switch Summer Camp Alumni who would like to add some volunteering experience to their CVs or university applications, we have a few Switch Alumni Volunteer (SAV) slots available for the duration of the camp. For more information about this, send a mail to [email protected]

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