Who We Are

Switch Summer Camp

Switch Summer Camp  is an informal learning program, and our aim is  to inspire, teach and train children and teens to be the best of themselves through the acquisition of relevant skills and competencies.

We provide an avenue that enables children and teenagers fully express themselves by trying their hands on what interests them. It is an environment where children and teenagers are exposed to endless opportunities to be the best of themselves through the acquisition of relevant skills and competencies.

Our Vision

To become an enabling institution that raises well rounded leaders that intrinsically possess relevant core competencies and values.

Our Mission

We are an informal education platform that Nuture preteens and teens to develop the mindset and relevant skills to become the best expression of themselves, be future ready and positively impact their societies

Core Values

  • Respect & Care We promise to be responsible for the safe-guarding and utmost care of every child entrusted to us and we undertake to treat every child with respect and dignity regardless of their belief, look, nature etc.
  • AccountabilityWe are dedicated to being accountable for the wellbeing of every child and teenager while in our care. We would also at all times keep all records of monies received and money spent in the actualization of every project carried out
  • InnovationWe are committed to always think up great ideas that enable us to achieve our vision. We are also dedicated to inspiring the children and teenagers to be innovative.
  • ExcellenceWe are dedicated to pursuing excellence in carrying out all our activities as we make sure to pay attention to every single detail.
  • Team Spirit & CollaborationTeam Spirit & Collaboration are the very core of the smooth running of the Camp, everything we do is dependent on the excellent teamwork and partnerships with people


Summer Camp

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