It is a 4-day summer camp for children and teens between the ages of 5-16 from 27th to 31st of August 2018 to come together and learn different skills as well as various values which will enhance them in discovering their life purpose in the long run.


The camp starts at 10am every day and runs till 4pm with a snack break at 12 and then a lunch break by 3pm.


The Camp is located at Emmasmith Multipurpose Hall, Block 42, Plot 12, Mr Biggs Bus Stop Iyana Olopa, Akobo, Ibadan.


A cheerful spirit with a winning attitude. The children will be provided with a starter pack which will contain their writing materials and other learning materials for the talk sessions and the activities.


Children are not allowed to bring any computers (including gaming types), lighters, matches, knives, forks e.t.c.; cigarettes/tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms and any offensive, disturbing or pornographic materials. Although mobile phones are permitted, they should be used and cared for responsibly.


We follow a daily schedule that provides routine and comfort. But within that schedule, there’s flexibility with ample time to hang out and interact amongst one another, as well as take part in interesting activities.


No. Parents/Guardians should make adequate provision for the transportation of their children/wards to and fro the camp venue.


There will be Talk and Breakout Sessions, Skill Acquisition Activities {including Hair Making, Bead Making, Baking, Sketching, Photography, Graphic Design, and Makeup/ Face Painting), Team Building Sessions and Excursion/ Outing day

No. It will not be possible to enrol in more than one activity as all activities would be carried out simultaneously.


Our activities are geared to foster total learning and development of each child and interests of each age group. We protect the quantity of the experience by limiting the number of participants in each activity. This is because we understand that smaller, more intimate groups create a faster bonding process for each child.


There is a hospital next to the camp venue. And they are available to provide any medical or healthcare services if need be.


Yes. There will be a certificate awarded to each child. The certificate will also show what activity the child participated in during the camp.


Feeding and provision of Training and Activity Materials.


Yes, registration can be done online. If payment is done online, a message should be sent to 08107200593. The message should include the name of the person who paid and the child on whose behalf it is being paid for.


For security reasons, the children will not be allowed to go home on their own, except with a written note from the parent on each day. Also, no strangers will be allowed to take any child home except a call has been put through to the Head Camper/Founder, Switch Summer Camp of such development.


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