Switch Summer Camp

Switch Summer Camp is a summer camp program established for and with the purpose to lay a foundation that will help children and teenagers discover their purpose, through the understanding of their abilities and creating the platform for them to try their hands on what interests them. It creates an avenue where children are exposed to endless opportunities to influence their society positively, through the acquisition of vocational, leadership and teambuilding skills.

To Create
To Train
To Inspire
To Impact

Mission, Tagline and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture a new generation of leaders that have a sense of vision, a strong desire and dedication to influence their society positively.

Our Tagline

Camp Tagline: Ordinary Is Boring (OIB)
Camp verse/ song: 1 Peter 2: 9 (We are a chosen generation)
Camp hymn: Take my life and let it be

Our Vision

  1. To Create a platform for where children and teenagers can network, collaborate and connect in a way that will positively improve their communication skills and leadership attributes.
  2. To Inspire children and teenagers to discover their purpose, and then groom their minds to be deeply concerned about their society and strive to make a difference in it by being a positive influence.
  3. To Train children and teenagers in vocational skills of their interest thus, opening their minds to unending creative possibilities and preparing them to be future entrepreneurs
  4. To Impact children and teenagers with leadership and team building qualities, equipping them to be leaders for the future.

Our core values

character Character building
We are committed to building good habits in children that translates into their reputable character.
creativity Creativity
Children at the camp would be given tasks that would unlock their creativity via imaginations without limitations.
godliness Godliness
Camp Anchor!!! We aim to inspire children to seek God first in their pursuit of finding themselves.
diligence Diligence
Children at the camp are taught that the values of determination , dedication plus hard work equals success.
excellence Excellence
At the camp, the children would be imbibed with the virtue (excellent spirit) to strive for excellence.

Meet our Team

Our Team have access to professional opportunities that include international placement, training and professional development programmes.

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