Project - I AM LIGHT

In order to fulfil the purpose of Project I AM LIGHT, talks and breakout sessions, skill acquisition, activities and competitions would take place.

Skill acquisitions

Skill acquisition is another core aspect of the summer camp initiative, as it is our belief that with acquired skills, children will grow up to be assets to the society and not liabilities and will also be able to influence their environment. There would be a wide range of skill acquisition activities from which each child is expected to pick one activity which he/she is most interested in. The children would be taught the necessary skill needed in each activity for three (3) days and on the last day each child would be given an opportunity to showcase the acquired skill to encourage productivity. Children would be allowed to take physical projects home to show his/her parents.

A certificate of participation would be issued to all successful participants. In subsequent years of attendance, any child who chooses to develop the acquired skill to a professional level would be adequately supported by the program.

Skill acquisition activities below:
Hair Making, Bead Making, Baking, Sketching, Photography, Graphic Design, and Makeup/ Face Painting

To encourage team spirit and foster interaction between the participants, interesting activities such as dancing, singing, games etc. have been included in the program. The program has been tailored to communicate information to the participants in the simplest possible way. Hence, the children would be divided into groups i.e. ages 5-8, 9-12 and 13 -16.

Feeding/ Welfare

For each of the 4 days of the camp, the children will be provided with balanced and healthy meals during the lunch breaks and they would also be given refreshments during the snack breaks each day.

Talks and Breakout Sessions

The talks and breakout sessions aim at exposing children to several key topics that will be treated through the camp that encapsulates the mission and the vision of the camp.

The topics to be treated include:

  1. I am Light
  2. Born to be Greater
  3. The Future

We plan to fully discuss what purpose is all about, what their purpose is and how to fulfil their purpose. The talk on leadership deals with the essence of team work and team building. In essence, the children would be taking classes that would give them the opportunity to live purpose driven lives with prospective dreams to positively influence their immediate society and the world.

Duration/ Time

The summer camp would take place during 4 days in the last week of August, i.e. the 27th – 31st of August 2018. The duration of time starts from 10am – 4pm on each of the four (4) days.


The registration form has a section for health details/requirements of each participant as there would be an inhouse qualified doctor to attend to any emergency.

Excursion/ Outing day

This year we are introducing an outing day with children. Where the children have the chance to play outdoor games, have a picnic relax and have fun.

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